Decorative Papers

What we stock:

Prisma Favini A2, A3 or A4 220gsm in various colours

Vivaldi 120gsm or 240gsm A4 in various colours

Zsa Zsa 240gsm A4 in various colours

Metallic 120gsm or 250gsm in A4 or 250gsm in A3

Polypropylene A3 sheets in various colour

Parchment paper A4 120gsm or 220gsm in various colours

A4 glitter card in various colours

Christina Re Assorted patterned paper (flocked, metallic, printed designs) in A4

Annie P Paperie assorted patterned paper A4

Katazome-Shi Japanese patterned papers A4

Paperstop assorted A4 papers (laid, textured and speckletone) in A4 light or heavy weight in various colours

Peterkin Paper assorted patterned paper A4

Creative Papers assorted handmade papers A4

Bohemian Correspondence Paper in A4 or assorted bi-fold cards

We have a large range of decorative poster wrap paper including:

Japanese Chiyogami sheets (490mm x 650mm)

Cavallini poster wraps

Lagome Design poster wraps

Mulberry Paper wraps

Variety of origami paper sets from 75mm squares to 254mm squares in a range of colours, patterns and specialty finishes with the majority being genuine Japanese origami paper.

Bohemian Correspondence single envelopes in C5 – C7 or DL

Parchment Envelope Packs 25 pieces DL

Metallic Envelope Packs 15 pieces in DL or C6

Vivaldi Envelope Packs 15 pieces DL or C6

Paperstop Speckletone 20 pieces DL

Creative Papers Envelopes 10 pieces C6