What we stock:

Xpress-It square and rectangle 450gsm heavy weight 100% cotton duck canvas. Triple primed with acid free gesso for oil and acrylic. Available in a range of sizzles from 3×4 inches to 48×60 inches.

Pebeo square and rectangle 100% raw linen canvas with a double layer of universal primer. Available in varied sizes

Frederix round canvases acrylic-titanium acid free primed. Ideal for oils and acrylics. Available in sizes ranging from 5” to 16” diameter.

Frederix Archival Watercolour Canvas 100% cotton canvas with specialist watercolour gesso prime. Acid free.

What we stock:

Pebeo Linen boards in a variety of sizes. 100% raw linen double primed with universal primer.

National Art Materials round canvas panels. Medium texture primed die it canvas on a cardboard base. Range of sizes from 6” to 16” available.

AMPERSAND Gessobords, Aquabords, and Claybords. Available in 11”x16”, 12”x16” or 18”x24”.

All stretcher bars are sold in pairs

What we stock:

Art Spectrum PQ Stretchers 12” to 84” with braces available from 24” to 84”.

Bumpa Stretchers and braves available from 12” to 84”.

Frederix lightweight stretchers available from 8” to 40”.

What we stock:

Libeco Lagae unprimed linen made in Belgium. 218cm wide.

Frederix Galacia acrylic primed linen. 134cm wide.

Berge Linen L1 heavy textured primed linen. 215cm wide.

Universal Primed L7 Linen. Heavy textured. 215cm wide.

10oz, 12oz or 15oz cotton duck with acrylic prime. 190cm wide.

10oz, 12oz or 15oz unprimed cotton duck. 190cm wide.

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