Canvas Stretching

Stretch it right the first time!

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There is nothing worse than a saggy, crooked, or worn out looking canvas on the wall is there?
Getting a professional to stretch your work — while putting in the time, care, respect, and protection that it needs — is what we do best here at Artery.
Our professional canvas stretching team have great experience with all sizes and materials used for stretching artworks. There isn’t a canvas yet that they couldn’t stretch, and that is saying something considering the sizes of some canvases that have come through our doors!

Need a new blank canvas? Whatever your needs for anything canvas related we can surely find a solution for you. We have an excellent team of professional canvas stretchers who can advise you on stretching canvas yourself, or provide you with a nice tight canvas to begin your next artwork. We stock a wide variety of linen and cotton canvas and several stretcher bar options for you to choose from.