What we stock:


Premium, eco-friendly screen printing inks.

Permaset Aqua colour range available in 300mL tubs. Select colours available in 1L tubs

Permaset Supercover colour range available in 300mL tubs. Select colours available in 1L tubs

Print Paste 300mL

Puff Paste 300mL

Phosphorescent Green 300mL

Printing Retarder 500mL

Synthetic Fixer 500mL

Standard Binder 500mL

Fabric Softener 1L



Speed Clean 473mL

Photo Emulsion 236mL or 780mL

Screen Filler 946mL

Screen Drawing Fluid 236mL or 946mL



Silk Screen 80micron silk in a pine frame. Available in various sizes

Squeegee neoprene rubber blade in a pine frame. Available in various sizes



Removable Screen Block 250mL

Acrylic Printing Medium 250mL

Screen Drawing Fluid 250mL

What we stock:


Silk Cut Lino (while stocks last) in various sizes

Double sided Lino in various sizes

Wood blocks in various sizes

Renoir EZI carve blocks in various sizes

Micador Easy Carve Lino in various sizes

EC Block Printing Foam Board packs of 10 Boards. 300mm x 450mm



EC Block Printing Inks- water based 250mL tub

Speedball Block Printing Inks – water based 37mL. Select colours also available with oil base. Also available in fabric ink.

Gamblin Block Printing Inks – oil based 175mL

Georgian Block Printing Medium 225mL



Speedball Block Printing Cutter Set with handle and 5 blades. Handle and blades available separately

Micador Lino Cut 6 Set

Micador Lino Cut 4 Set with Sharpening Blocks

Edward Lyons Plate Maker Graver Set 6 pieces or as individual pieces

Speedball Premium Barren

Speedball Plastic Barren

Bamboo Barren

Cricket Juice Tack Cloth

Tarletan by the metre

Cheesecloth by the metre

Hard Rubber Rollers by Micador or Essdee in a variety of sizes

What we stock:

Gamblin Etching Ink 1lb

Gamblin Universal Etching Ground

Gamblin Graphic Chemical and Ink

Caligo Safe Wash Etching Ink

Paper Etching Plates

Lithography Crayons

Etching tools